Long Island is a beautiful island, rich and abundant with wonderful gifts. From the salty air to the beautiful soil, fresh seafood, farms, fresh veggies and countless other goodies. Long Island has everything. How blessed we are to live in such a giving and magical place. I love Long Island!!!

For Long Island from Long Island...

            I have created a company that can provide you awesome, healthy, cooked meals, made from local Long Island products & any other good, healthy ingredients I need, that I find off the island.  I also started the company because I believe in the future of natural, quality products, without controversial ingredients.

      I am a foodie! I love fresh veggies, cheese, eggs, fish etc. etc. etc....and am very conscious of what I eat. I have been cooking, catering,  growing stuff and finding good stuff to eat my whole life.  

Believe it or not... there are a few things long island doesn't have.... crazy, I know...


                       All of my dishes and other items are made, to the best of my ability, from local ingredients. Obviously, I will have to buy other ingredients off of Long Island, but I will do my best to use either organic, Non-GMO and/or pesticide/ antibiotic free choices or any of the above combinations for ingredients
on or off the island.
fresh clams
more clams & fresh ingredients


New England Clam Chowder

for parties & get-togethers with your friends & family

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